• Defender of the Faith
  • Defender of the Faith

Defender of the Faith

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Defender of the Faith. This Design is not for everyone, but judging by the state of the world and the attacks on the Christian Faith, we chose to bring this design out so that all people of the Christian Faith could wear this battle standard of the persecuted and feel empowered to never cower to those who would have you kneel before them. By This Sign, Conquer.

The Chi Rho or Chi and Rho are the first two letters (ΧΡ) of "Christ" in Greek ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ. (Christos). Sometimes it is called the Monogram of Christ or Chrismon or Labarum. While it was used very early by persecuted Christians in the catacombs, when Constantine The Great was struggling to become emperor, he used the symbol, he believed he saw in a vision in the sky, at the front of his armies and was victorious. This Symbol became part of a military standard (vexillum), Constantine's standard was known as the Labarum

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