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Let's Make the Case for the Pocket T, Shall We? FIRST, it has a Pocket which makes it 23% more tactical for all of you Operators. SECOND, it has a Logo on the Pocket, which makes it 14.2% more Dope as the Kids say, which obviously makes YOU more Dope, so that's a total win. THIRD, it's only $20 and a way to wear you Favorite Brand, US, and not have a big Logo or Design that your Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend or any other person can say you look silly or maybe like a poser, which make it 38% Cooler.

So Let's Recap, You Pay $20 and some shipping to be 75.2% More Badass in your Daily Life JUST for having a Pocket on your T-Shirt. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's a Full On Win in Anyone's Book, so You should buy 1 or all 4 and Be a Winner...Because America.

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