This Is the Warrior Culture Gear Frequently Asked Questions Page. These are THE MOST COMMON Questions We Receive at WCG and The Most Common Answers. If There is Anything We Missed, Contact us at customerservice@warriorculturegear.com

  • WHERE IS MY ORDER!!??    At Warrior Culture Gear, we are a Custom Design and Print Shop consisting of 4 People, Total, in the Whole Company, so All of the Designs and Products we sell are custom printed by hand, which increases the lead time. 3-5 Days to Process is Standard but we strive to cut that down as best we can.

  • WHAT IS YOUR PRE-ORDER POLICY?   Our Pre-Orders are Far Shorter than Most, but 2 Weeks is 2 Weeks. We start them on a specific Date, we end them on a specific date and EVERY ONE OF THEM HAS THAT END DATE ON THE SITE! If Your Order contains a Pre-Order, it WILL NOT be shipped until the Pre-Order is Over and Shipped.

  • DO YOU SHIP OVERSEAS?   Yes, All The Time and Shipping is $15 For Canada and $20 Everywhere Else. The Reason for these is that we work in Taxes for You which increases shipping cost.

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